• How Do I Create an Estimate?

    From your Invoice Maker account dashboard, you are able to make personalized and customized estimates with ease. Once you create your account, you can create your first estimate upon login.


    To make an estimate, simply follow the prompts:

    1. Click on Create
    2. Select Estimate
    3. Add all Pertinent Data pertaining to the invoice 
    4. Select a client from the Bill To dropdown menu
    5. Enter the Item, Price, and Quantity of the products or services being invoiced
    6. To add multiple items, click Add Item

    You are able to add an Item Description, set the Tax, and allocate a Discount per item (if applicable).

    Once you add the pertinent data to an invoice (client, product, taxes, discounts), that data will automatically save in your Invoice Maker dashboard for future use. You can find the saved data in the menu bar on the left-hand side of your dashboard.

    Once your invoice is complete, you can Save, Preview, Download, or Send your estimate.

    Once sent to your customer, they will have the opportunity to review and Approve or Deny the estimate. They also have the ability to download the estimate for their records.

    If they Approve, they will have the option to electronically sign, or type their signature for approval. 

    Once approved, the estimate status will update from Unapproved to Approved in your Invoice Maker dashboard automatically.

    You also have the ability to manually update the approval status of each invoice through your dashboard.  


    As with your invoices, clients, and items, you can view all of your Estimates to the left of your Invoice Maker dashboard. 

  • Definitions


    There are various definitions that will apply to an Invoice Maker user's account. To better understand the status of your account, and the terms and actions that accompany that status, please see below:


    “Member” refers to any person who maintains an Invoice Maker (IM) account and utilizes the services while also agreeing to keep an updated paid status for continued services and therefore is considered an active member. 

    “Inactive Member” refers to any member who discontinues their membership. Inactive members will have access to, and the ability to, edit the work they created while being active members but will not be able to create anything new. 

    “Visitor” refers to anyone who uses our services that is not a “Guest” or a “Member” and has limited access to IM features and functionality. 

    “Subscription” refers to the state during which a Member subscribes and is granted full access to IM features and functionality by submitting billing information and payment. Membership will renew each billing cycle until the Member discontinues their membership, therefore, canceling their auto-payment. Subscribed member accounts will be referred to as a “Membership.”

    “Membership” refers to subscribed member accounts. Membership and Subscription may be used interchangeably.  

    “Discontinue Membership” refers to deactivating your membership, therefore, converting your status to an inactive member and canceling your recurring billing. An Active member can Discontinue their membership at any time. 

    “Renew Membership” refers to the state in which an inactive member opts in to reactivate their membership, therefore, restarting the recurring billing cycle. An inactive member can Renew their membership at any time.

     “Billing Cycle” or “Billing Period” refers to the periodic (monthly basis) and recurring (continuous, until discontinued) request for payment.

    “Support” refers to technical assistance provided to Guests and Members by IM Customer Support Agents. 

  • How Do Cancellations and Refunds Work?

    Once a paid Membership Plan is activated by the user, the subscription will automatically renew at the end of each billing cycle until canceled.

    Membership plan cancelations must be made by the user directly through their Invoice Maker dashboard under the 'Subscription' tab. All cancelations will be processed, though the user will have access through the end of the current billing cycle.

    To cancel your subscription, follow these simple steps:

    1. Log in to your Invoice Maker account with your username and password.

    2. Click on the "Subscriptions" tab. 

    3. Under your active Membership Plan, click on "Cancel."

    Invoice Maker members can cancel any time and will retain full functionality throughout the remainder of the current billing period. Once a subscription is canceled and the billing period has ended, the subscription will not renew, and the account will not be billed again.

    Previously subscribed Members have the ability to reactivate a subscription at any time under the "Subscriptions" tab.




    Monthly Plans may be refunded at Invoice Maker's sole discretion and will be considered on a case by case basis. Annual plans are not eligible for a refund after 30 calendar days from activation (calendar days include all weekends and holidays). Refund requests may be submitted for consideration via a support request.

  • What Does Invoice Maker Cost?

    Invoice Maker's goal is to provide the most customizable, user-friendly platform to ensure you get paid for the goods and services you provide. Our dashboard allows you to customize, save, send, and track your invoices, all in one place, to easily manage your business' accounting. 


    Upon accessing our Invoice Maker application, you will have access to utilize (1) FREE invoice.

    If you register an account by entering your email address, you will automatically be enrolled into our FREE plan. The FREE plan will grant you access to process one (1) invoice per month.

    There is no commitment or billing information required to become a member of our FREE plan.

    If you'd like to gain access to additional invoices beyond the designated one (1) invoice per month, you will be prompted to enter billing information to upgrade your account. Upgrading your membership plan is optional.

    If you elect to upgrade to one of our paid membership plans, you can cancel at any time, though you will still have access to the end of that billing period.

    We have three separate membership-based plans, each of which is tailored based on your intended use.

    FREE Plan

    • $0.00/month
      • One (1) invoice per month
      • Able to upgrade at any time
      • Manually renew each month

    LITE Plan

    • $2.99/month -or- $29.99/year
      • Three (3) invoices per month
      • Able to upgrade at any time
      • Able to downgrade at end of the billing cycle

    PLUS Plan (most popular)

    • $9.99/month -or- $99.99/year
    • Unlimited invoices per month
    • Able to downgrade at end of the billing cycle
    • Unlimited Saved 
      • Invoices
      • Clients
      • Products
      • Services
      • Taxes
      • PDFs
    • Unlimited Access to 
      • Credit Card Payments
      • Venmo Links
      • Cash App links
    • Subscribe via 
      • Credit Card
      • iOS In-App Purchase
      • Android In-App Purchase
        • Customer service cannot see and support subscriptions



    Membership cost varies based on the plan you select, and whether you choose to pay Monthly or Annually. For the Lite and Plus membership plans, your subscription will automatically renew each month (or year) unless you choose to cancel your membership. If enrolled in the FREE Plan, you will have to renew your free membership after the initial month's duration has expired.

    Once you've canceled your subscription, you will have full access to your account until the end of the active billing cycle. Following the cancelation at period end, the subscription will not renew. The account will not be billed again, though you will still have access to all of your account information with limited functionality. For more information on how to cancel your subscription, click HERE.

    As always, you have the ability to reactivate a membership plan if you ever need our services in the future.


  • What is Invoice Maker?

    Welcome to Invoice Maker! If you are a current business owner or just getting started while pursuing your passion, we’re here to help you keep your accounting processes on track.


    We make it easy for you to bill and get paid by your clients. Our custom dashboard quickly shows you what invoices you’ve sent, who owes you money, and what payments you’ve collected, allowing you to spend more time on the things that matter.


    Invoice Maker offers an option to integrate with a simple credit card processing platform that makes it seamless for your customers to make safe and secure payments directly through our app or online. You even have the ability to request and accept payments via Venmo and CashApp.


  • Why Can't I Log In?

    If you are having trouble logging into your Invoice Maker account, there are a number of possible reasons. We recommend troubleshooting to see if any of the following issues are occurring:

    • Incorrect email address entered
    • Incorrect password entered (case sensitive)
      • If you cannot remember your password, simply click Forgot Password? from the Login Screen
    • Previously created an account using a social login
      • Apple Sign In
      • Google Sign In
      • Facebook Sign In
        • If you originally created your account using one of these social logins, you will now be able to login directly with the associated login information from your social account. 
    • You previously did not create an account with Invoice Maker, even though you may have sent invoices in the past

    If troubleshooting the scenarios above does not grant you access to your Invoice Maker account, simply send an email to support@invoicemaker.com with the following information:

    • First Name / Last Name
    • Email Address used to create the account

    Our dedicated support staff will research the issue further and contact you back with instructions on how to resolve your login issue.

  • How Do I Reset My Password?

    You can change your password for security reasons or reset it if you forget it. Your Invoice Maker password is used to access your online dashboard which includes all of your invoice and client data, so it is important to keep it safe and update it periodically.

    To change your password:

    1. If logged in, click on your Name in the top right corner of your dashboard
    2. Click Logout
    3. From the Login Screen, click Forgot Password?
    4. Enter your Email Address that you signed up with
    5. Click Send Reset Instructions 
      • Instructions will be sent to your email to reset your password
    6. Follow prompts in your email from hello@invoicemaker.com
    7. Return to the Login Screen
    8. Enter your new password, and you will be taken to your dashboard using your new password credentials


    To reset your password when not logged in:

    1. From the Login Screen, click Forgot Password?
    2. Enter the Email Address that you signed up with
    3. Click Send Reset Instructions 
      • Instructions will be sent to your email to reset your password
    4. Follow prompts in your email from hello@invoicemaker.com
    5. Return to the Login Screen
    6. Enter your new password, and you will be taken to your dashboard using your new password credentials


    To ensure delivery of your email instructions, check your Spam or Bulk Mail folders.

    **Choose a password that you haven’t already used with the account**


  • Do you offer an Invoice Maker App?

    Invoice Maker offers a simple solution for small business owners, contractors, freelancers, or individuals to send invoices and accept payments, even "on the go." Create, send or download unlimited invoices from your phone, tablet, or other smart devices.



    We offer our application on the iOS and Android operating systems and can be found in the Apple Store as well as in the Google Play Store, respectively.


    Download Our Apps

    Invoice Maker - iOS App Invoice Maker - Android App


    Through our app, you will have access to all the same functionality as you would directly through our main desktop platform and can seamlessly log in to your account across your various devices.

    • Send, download or save unlimited invoices

    • Invoice for any product or service

    • Accept card payments with Stripe

    • Accept payments via Venmo and Cash App (Paypal and Square coming soon!)

    • Create and save unlimited clients

    • Create and save unlimited Items

    • Create and save unlimited Taxes

    • Create and save unlimited Discounts

    • Manage and track cash, check, or other payments

    • Send and download PDFs of your invoices

    • Customize your company logo on your invoice

    • Email Unlimited Invoices

    • Set custom invoice due dates or terms - due in 7 days, 30 days, etc.



  • What is an Invoice?

    An invoice is a document that outlines service or goods provided in exchange for payment or trade. The party requesting payment (“payee”) creates the invoice writing their details, client’s details, description of goods or services, and the total amount owed. The preferred payment method should be included and once complete should be sent to the client (“payer”) via e-mail, standard mail, or text message.

    Invoice Cover Sheet – For a more professional look and acts as a Table of Contents for the itemized list of charges.


    The oldest known human writing is actually a 7,000 year old sales receipt. While we know the sales receipt was for clothing, the oldest known form of payment was made in beer in the same ‘cuneiform’ writing.

  • Paid Vs. Unpaid?

    To avoid possible confusion regarding the status of an invoice and how it gets updated through its timeline, below you will find the two most common states an invoice will be listed.

    Unpaid: Once you send an invoice to someone, it is automatically categorized as unpaid. Changing an invoice status from unpaid to paid will be done manually unless you are processing payments through one of Invoice Maker’s 3rd party Payment Processors, then it will categorize automatically as unpaid until payment is made in full.

    Paid: You will mark the invoice as paid manually by using the "Add Payment" button if collecting payment directly. If you are processing payments through one of Invoice Maker’s 3rd Party Payment Processors, this status will categorize automatically as paid once payment is made in full, and the invoice reflects a $0.00 balance due.


  • How Long Should I Keep an Invoice?

    At least 3 years for USA residents. According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), an individual or company is required to keep an invoice under the following circumstances:

    • 4 years for invoices related to the payment of employees. The 4-year period begins after the date the tax is due or is paid, whichever is later;
    • 6 years for invoices that are not reported on your income taxes and represent more than 25% of gross income;
    • 7 years if filed the invoices are related to a claim for a loss from worthless securities or bad debt deduction; and
    • Indefinitely if the invoice was made in a tax year where no filing was made or if a fraudulent return was filed.
  • Employee vs. Independent Contractor

    There are two (2) classes of employment; employees and independent contractors.


    An employee, or “W-2 employee” in the USA, is an individual who performs a service on an employer’s behalf in exchange for payment, commonly hourly pay. The employer can control what services to complete and how it will be done. Also, the employer can control, in most cases, where the employee performs the services.

    • IRS Form W-2 – Required to be completed by the employee and given to the employer prior to employment.

    Independent Contractors

    An independent contractor, or “1099 contractor” in the USA, is an individual who performs a task for an employer in exchange for payment, commonly a fixed price. The employer cannot control how the task will be completed but only the result of the work. The employer also cannot control, in most cases, where the employee performs the services unless the work is at a specific location.

    • IRS Form W-9 – Required to be completed by the independent contractor and given to the employer prior to employment.

    Employee vs Independent Contractor

    Each State determines ultimately determines its definition of an employee. Although, most States rely on the IRS 20-Point Test to determine if an individual is an employee. The table below is an overview of the two (2) classes of employment:

    Employer: Employee Independent Contractor
    Pays Withholding Taxes (social security, medicare, unemployment, etc.) X
    Provides Health Insurance X
    Provides 401(k) Matching X
    Provides PTO (Paid Time Off for vacation, sick leave, etc.) X
    Provides Overtime Pay X
    Controls How Work is Performed X
    Controls Where Work is Performed X
    Controls When Work is Performed X
    Controls Results of Work