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How Do I Create an Estimate?

From your Invoice Maker account dashboard, you are able to make personalized and customized estimates with ease. Once you create your account, you can create your first estimate upon login.


To make an estimate, simply follow the prompts:

  1. Click on Create
  2. Select Estimate
  3. Add all Pertinent Data pertaining to the invoice 
  4. Select a client from the Bill To dropdown menu
  5. Enter the Item, Price, and Quantity of the products or services being invoiced
  6. To add multiple items, click Add Item

You are able to add an Item Description, set the Tax, and allocate a Discount per item (if applicable).

Once you add the pertinent data to an estimate (client, product, taxes, discounts), that data will automatically save in your Invoice Maker dashboard. You can use this saved data for creating the supplemental invoice after the estimate has been approved. You can find the saved data in the menu bar on the left-hand side of your dashboard.

Once your estimate is complete, you can Save, Preview, Download, or Send it.

Once sent to your customer, they will have the opportunity to review and Approve or Deny the estimate. They also have the ability to download the estimate for their records.

If they Approve, they will have the option to electronically sign, or type their signature for approval. 

Test Signature Estimates.jpg

Once approved, the estimate status will update from Unapproved to Approved in your Invoice Maker dashboard automatically.

You also have the ability to manually update the approval status of each invoice through your dashboard.  


As with your invoices, clients, and items, you can view all of your Estimates to the left of your Invoice Maker dashboard. 


Please note that an estimate is different than an invoice. An invoice will not be automatically generated after an estimate has been approved by your customer. A separate invoice must be created upon approval of the estimated terms. You do have the ability to copy an approved estimate directly to an invoice. Find out how HERE.

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