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There are various definitions that will apply to an Invoice Maker user's account. To better understand the status of your account, and the terms and actions that accompany that status, please see below:


“Member” refers to any person who maintains an Invoice Maker (IM) account and utilizes the services while also agreeing to keep an updated paid status for continued services and therefore is considered an active member. 

“Inactive Member” refers to any member who discontinues their membership. Inactive members will have access to, and the ability to, edit the work they created while being active members but will not be able to create anything new. 

“Visitor” refers to anyone who uses our services that is not a “Guest” or a “Member” and has limited access to IM features and functionality. 

“Subscription” refers to the state during which a Member subscribes and is granted full access to IM features and functionality by submitting billing information and payment. Membership will renew each billing cycle until the Member discontinues their membership, therefore, canceling their auto-payment. Subscribed member accounts will be referred to as a “Membership.”

“Membership” refers to subscribed member accounts. Membership and Subscription may be used interchangeably.  

“Discontinue Membership” refers to deactivating your membership, therefore, converting your status to an inactive member and canceling your recurring billing. An Active member can Discontinue their membership at any time. 

“Renew Membership” refers to the state in which an inactive member opts in to reactivate their membership, therefore, restarting the recurring billing cycle. An inactive member can Renew their membership at any time.

 “Billing Cycle” or “Billing Period” refers to the periodic (monthly basis) and recurring (continuous, until discontinued) request for payment.

“Support” refers to technical assistance provided to Guests and Members by IM Customer Support Agents. 

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