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How To Accept Cash App Payments

When growing your business, there is nothing more important than being able to reach and accommodate your clients across all channels. That is especially true for accepting payments. 

Invoice Maker offers you the opportunity to collect payments directly through Cash App. 

Though you can still have an account and send invoices without collecting payments through Invoice Maker, linking your account to a Third-Party Processing Service Provider is a beneficial tool that takes all the legwork out of getting paid. Just send your invoice, sit back, and collect your payment without lifting a finger.

Steps to accept Cash App payments:

  1. From your Invoice Maker dashboard, click on the Menu Bar and then click Settings
  2. Click on Payment MethodsPyament_Methods_Main_-_Cash_App.jpg
  3. Click Connect with Cash App
  4. Follow the instructions to export your code image from Cash App on your desktop or mobile device
  5. Once you have your saved code image, click on Connect and Upload your code image
    • Invoice Maker will automatically verify that your code image is valid
    • Click NextConnecting_with_Cash_App.gif
  6. That's it. You're done! You can start sending invoices via Invoice Maker and receiving payments directly to your Venmo account.  

**Please note that as Cash App payments will be made externally, you will have to manually update the payment status of your invoice once you are paid. To read more on how to manually add your payment to update the invoice status, click HERE.**

Invoice Maker makes it easier than ever to accept credit card payments and Square payments directly through our app. If accepting credit card or Square payments through Invoice Maker, the invoice status will automatically update, and you will not need to manually add your payment.


All personal information entered into the Third-Party Processor, Cash App, is 100% secure. Invoice Maker does not have access to any financial or personal information entered through Cash App. All payments facilitated through Invoice Maker's platform are processed externally by the Third-Party Processor directly, and any disputes regarding Third-Party platform payments or fees must be directed to the Third-Party platform itself and will not be responded to through Invoice Maker. To read more about how your data is secure and how your information is used through Cash App, you can review their Privacy Policy HERE.

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