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Taxes (Sales, VAT - USA only)

Sales Tax (USA only)

sales tax is calculated as a percentage of goods sold and is determined by the location where the sale took place. Sales taxes are administered by each State, County, and District(s) in the USA.

  • Use TaxJar to find a sales tax by zip code.
Alabama 4% § 40-23-2(1)§ 40-23-61(a)
Alaska No sales tax N/A
Arizona 5.6% Arizona Dept. of Revenue
Arkansas 6.5% Arkansas Dept. of Finance and Administration
California 7.25% California Dept. of Tax and Fee Admin.
Colorado 4% Colorado Dept. of Revenue Taxation Division
Connecticut 6.35% Connecticut Dept. of Revenue Services
Delaware No sales tax N/A
Florida 6% Florida Dept. of Revenue
Georgia 4% Georgia Dept. of Revenue
Hawaii 4% (General Excise Tax) Hawaii Dept. of Taxation
Idaho 6% Idaho State Tax Commission
Illinois 6.25% Illinois Revenue
Indiana 7% Indiana Dept. of Revenue
Iowa 6% Iowa Dept. of Revenue: Sales and Tax Guide
Kansas 6.5% Kansas Dept. of Revenue
Kentucky 6% § 139.200
Louisiana 4.45% Louisiana Dept. of Revenue
Maine 5.5% Maine Revenue Services
Maryland 6% Comptroller of Maryland
Massachusetts 6.25% Masschusetts Sales and Use Tax
Michigan 6% § 205.52
Minnesota 6.875% Minnesota Dept. of Revenue
Mississippi 7% Mississippi Dept. of Revenue
Missouri 4.225% Missouri Dept. of Revenue
Montana No sales tax N/A
Nebraska 5.5% Nebraska Sales and Use Tax
Nevada 6.85% Nevada Dept. of Taxation
New Hampshire No sales tax N/A
New Jersey 6.625% New Jersey Division of Taxation
New Mexico 5.125% (Gross Receipts Tax) Taxation & Revenue New Mexico
New York 8.875% NYC Dept. of Finance
North Carolina 4.75% North Carolina Dept. of Revenue
North Dakota 5% North Dakota Tax
Ohio 5.75% Ohio Dept. of Taxation
Oklahoma 4.5% Oklahoma Tax Commission
Oregon 0% Oregon Dept. of Revenue
Pennsylvania 6% Pennsylvania Dept. of Revenue
Rhode Island 7% Rhode Island Dept. of Revenue Division of Taxation
South Carolina 6% South Carolina Dept. of Revenue
South Dakota 4.5% South Dakota Dept. of Revenue
Tennessee 7% Tennessee Dept. of Revenue
Texas 6.25% Comptroller of Texas
Utah 4.85% Utah State Tax Commission
Vermont 6% Vermont Dept. of Taxes
Virginia 5.3% Virginia Tax
Washington 6.5% Washington Dept. of Revenue
West Virginia 6% West Virginia State Tax Dept.
Wisconsin 5% Wisconsin Dept. of Revenue
Wyoming 4% Wyoming Dept. of Revenue


Value-Added Tax (VAT)

value-added tax (VAT) is a tax that is calculated based on the cost of the goods or service charged. This tax is administered by most countries and usually is targeted at imported items.

USA 0% (although, there is sales tax in most states) N/A
Argentina 21% PWC
Australia 10% TransferWise
Bangladesh 15%
Belgium 21%
Brazil Depends on the State. Average is 17% KPMG
Bulgaria 20%
Canada 5% to 15%
Chile 19%
China 13%
Colombia 19% Avalara
Dominican Republic 18% KPMG
Finland 24% Finland Ministry of Finance
France 20%
Germany 19%
Greece 24%
Hong Kong 0%
Hungary 27% Avalara
India 12.5% to 15%
Ireland 23% Irish Tax and Customs
Israel 17% Israel Tax Authority
Italy 22% Ministry of Economy and Finance
Jamaica 16.5%
Kenya 0% or 16%
Malaysia 6%
Mexico 16% Avalara
Morocco 7%, 10%, 14%, or 20% (Standard is 20%) KPMG
Netherlands 0%, 9%, or 21% (Standard is 21%) Government of Netherlands
New Zealand 13%
Nigeria 7.5% Avalara
Norway 25% The Norwegian Tax Administration
Pakistan 17%
Panama 7% (10% and 15% for alcohol and tobacco, respectively) KPMG
Peru 18% Avalara
Philippines 0% to 12% Philippines Bureau of Internal Revenue
Poland 23% Polish Investment and Trade Agency
Portugal 23% Avalara
Puerto Rico (USA) 0% N/A
Russia 10% or 20% (Updated from 18% in 2019) Federal Tax Service of Russia
Saudi Arabia 5% General Authority of Zakat & Tax
Singapore 7% Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore
South Africa 15% South African Revenue Service
Spain 21% Spanish Tax Agency
Sri Lanka 15% Sri Lanka Inland Revenue
Sweden 6%, 12%, and 25% (Standard is 25%) Swedish Tax Agency
Switzerland 7.7% Swiss Federal Tax Administration
Thailand 7% Thailand Revenue Department
Ukraine 20% Avalara
United Kingdom 20% GOV.UK
Vietnam 5% or 10% Ministry of Justice
Zimbabwe 14% Zimbabwe Revenue Authority


Are Services Taxed?

Services are taxed based on the service provider’s country. In most countries, services are taxed at the Value-Added Tax (VAT).

In the USA, only four (4) States charge taxes on general services:

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