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Adding a Product Tax

From your Invoice Maker account dashboard, you are able to add a tax to your products. You can either add a tax when creating a new product or adding and saving it after the initial product was created. 

Once you save a tax, it will be available to assign to any other products you create.

To add a product tax to a product that’s already been created, simply follow the prompts:

  1. Click on Products
  2. Click on the Edit Product “pencil” icon for the product you wish to make changes to
  3. Click Add A Tax To This Product
    1. Click Add New Tax
    2. Input the Tax Percentage
    3. Add the Tax Name
  4. Click Update Product



You may create a tax for the current invoice, or save it for later use directly from the invoice screen. If you wish to save it for later, add using the instructions above but make sure you do not select it after saving it in your list of taxes.


You have the ability to update or delete your product taxes at any time. You are able to add multiple taxes to the same product, if applicable. Updates to the details of product taxes will only reflect on future invoices after the edits have been completed and saved. Changes to tax information will not update previous invoices created that include that tax.


**It is the User's responsibility to verify any and all tax rates to be imposed prior to adding to any invoice.



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