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Setting Up Automatic Payment Reminders

Under Invoice Maker's Pro Plan, you can schedule automatic payment reminders for your customers. You can select up to three (3) reminders per invoice, and they can be dedicated as reminders for an upcoming payment or a past due payment. 

To set up automatic reminders:

  • When drafting your invoice, click on "Add/Edit Reminders." 
  • Choose up to three (3) reminders for that invoice.
  • Click Save.

Reminders 1.10.24.jpg

Once saved, you can view your invoice's reminders on the View Invoice page, below the invoice preview itself.

Reminders on Invoice.jpg

Scheduling Invoice Maker's automated reminders will trigger an email to your customer based on the reminder sequence you select. 

If you do not have a Pro Plan Subscription, you always have the ability to upgrade via your "Subscriptions" tab. 

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